Tuesday, 17 August 2021 10:01

Sticky particle Cucker-Smale dynamics and the entropic selection principle for the 1D Euler-alignment system


Trevor M. Leslie, and Changhui Tan


We develop a global wellposedness theory for weak solutions to the 1D Euler-alignment system with measure-valued density and bounded velocity. A satisfactory understanding of the low-regularity theory is an issue of pressing interest, as smooth solutions may lose regularity in finite time. However, no such theory currently exists except for a very special class of alignment interactions. We show that the dynamics of the 1D Euler-alignment system can be effectively described by a nonlocal scalar balance law, the entropy conditions of which serves as an entropic selection principle that determines a unique weak solution of the Euler-alignment system. Moreover, the distinguished weak solution of the system can be approximated by the sticky particle Cucker-Smale dynamics. Our approach is largely inspired by the work of Brenier and Grenier [SIAM J. Numer. Anal, 35(6):2317-2328, 1998] on the pressureless Euler equations.

 This work is supported by NSF grant DMS #1853001 and DMS #2108264

arXiv Preprint 2108.07715.

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