ACM Seminar Schedule

Regular seminar talk time and location: Fridays 2:30pm-3:30pm @ LC 317 R.

Spring 2020

January 17 Yuanwei Qi (University of Central Florida) Host: Changhui Tan
  Title: Traveling Wave of Gray-Scott System: Results and Perspective
January 31 Xiangcheng Zheng (University of South Carolina) Math Graduate Student
  Title: Mathematical and numerical analysis to variable-order mobile-immobile time-fractional diffusion equations
February 21 Hailiang Liu (Iowa State University) Host: Changhui Tan
  Title: Efficient, positive, and energy stable schemes for Poisson-Nernst-Planck systems
March 6  
March 13 Spring break
March 20 Xiaolin Li (Stony Brook University) Host: Xinfeng Liu
  Title: Lagrangian Front Tracking and Applications to Conservation Law, Fluid Mixing, and Phase Transition Problems
March 27 Rihui Lan (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) Host: Lili Ju
April 3  
April 10  
April 17  
April 24  

2019 and before

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