MATH141 Calculus II Fall 2008
Thanks very much for all students in my section. Good luck to you all!

Course Information

Instructors Dr. Rosenberg / Changhui Tan
Lectures Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 1pm~1:50pm, room 0131 of the Reckord Armory.
Discussions Tuesday, Thursday. 2pm~2:50pm, room B0427 of the Math Building.
Professor's Office Hour Monday, Wednesday, 11am~12noon, room 2114 Math Building.
TA's Office Hour Monday 2:15pm~3:15pm(no appointment is needed), Friday 10:30am~11:30am(by appointment via email), room 4326 of the CSS Building.
  Tuesday and Thursday 3pm-3:30pm right after the discussion section. Coffee might be offered.
  I also have a tutoring hour on Wednesday 4pm~5pm. The tutoring room is in Math Building MTH 0301.
NOTICE Please read the contents carefully on the following pages.


Latest Announcement

Dec. 17 The final grades have been updated to the online grade sheet.
Dec. 12 If you have any questions before the final exam, feel free to email me or call me in the weekend. I will try my best to help you.
Dec. 2 The professor has posted a makeup exam. This is due on Monday in class. The higher grade of the exam and the makeup exam will be counted as the grade of exam 4.
Nov. 26 Happy Thanksgiving holiday to you all.
Nov. 21 The review session will be held on Tuesday (November 25) 3pm-5pm at MATH0302.
Nov. 18 Quiz 10 has been posted below. It is due on Thursday.


Quiz Information

We have 13 quizzes in this semester. Each quiz is worth 10 points. Only the highest 10 points will add into your final grades of quizzes. Quiz schedules are HERE.
All quizzes can be downloaded after you have done them. Answers are not included. You should come to the next discussion section after the quiz to get the answer.
 Download Quizzes.


Exam Information

Final exam The final exam will be held on December 15, from 1:30 to 3:30, at EGR 1104 (EGR - Martin Hall). You need to be there 15 minutes earlier.
Review session SUNDAY DECEMBER 14TH 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM 0200 SKINNER BLDG
Former test bank Click HERE (I do not recommend you to do to much of them. Dr. Rosenberg's 2007 Fall exams might be most helpful.)
Exam result Exam 4 Overall [Avg]Around 42(Makeup exam is given, no official result) Our section [Avg]49 [Med]48
  Exam 3 Overall [Avg]67 [Med]71 [75%]82 [25%]52 Our section [Avg]73 [Med]77
  Exam 2 Overall [Avg]63 [Med]62 [75%]77 [25%]49 Our section [Avg]69 [Med]69
  Exam 1 Overall [Avg]72 [Med]73 [75%]86 [25%]80 Our section [Avg]71 [Med]70


Online Grades

If you have given me written permission, you can check you grades online. [Click Here]
Final grades: >680 A, >600 B, >490 C, >415 D. I will make some slight adjustment based on your performance in the course, and your score of the in-class 4th exam if you've got more than 75.


Attendance Information

You are recommended to attend every discussion section.
If you think the discussion is too easy, and you handle the homework, quiz and exam very well, you can choose not to take the discussion. But for days when quizzes are held, you should appear. I will not give you a makeup quiz unless you've got a reason for the absent.


Contact Information

Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(preferred) if you have any questions.