Nonlocal Models: Analysis and Applications

University of South Carolina, Columbia
May 27-31, 2024

A celebration of Eitan Tadmor's 70th birthday

List of Participants

  1. Jing An, Duke University.
  2. George Androulakis, University of South Carolina. 
  3. Peter Binev, University of South Carolina.
  4. Amimikh Biswas, University of Maryland, Baltimore County. [Speaker]
  5. McKenzie Black, University of South Carolina. [Poster]
  6. Victoria Chebotaeva, University of South Carolina. 
  7. Dongwei Chen, Clemson University. [Poster]
  8. Geng Chen, University of Kansas. [Speaker]
  9. Ming Chen, University of Pittsburgh. [Speaker]
  10. Peiyi Chen, University of Wisconsin, Madison. [Poster]
  11. Alina Chertock, North Carolina State University. [Speaker]
  12. Wolfgang Dahmen, University of South Carolina. [Speaker]
  13. Ronald DeVore, Texas A&M University. [Keynote Speaker]
  14. Di Fang, Duke University. [Speaker]
  15. Guosheng Fu, University of Notre Dame.
  16. Yuan Gao, Purdue University. [Speaker]
  17. Maria Girardi, University of South Carolina. 
  18. Anderson Greene, University of South Carolina. 
  19. Ziheng Guo, Illinois Institute of Technology. [Poster]
  20. Siming He, University of South Carolina. [Organizer]
  21. Jianguo Hou, University of South Carolina. 
  22. Zhongtian Hu, Duke University.
  23. Gautam Iyer, Carnegie Mellon University. [Speaker]
  24. Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin, Pennsylvania State University. [Speaker]
  25. Ruhui Jin, University of Wisconsin, Madison. [Poster]
  26. Yannis Kevrekidis, Johns Hopkins University. [Keynote Speaker]
  27. SeHwan Kim, University of South Carolina. 
  28. Trevor Leslie, Illinois Institute of Technology.
  29. Qin Li, University of Wisconsin, Madison. [Speaker]
  30. Wuchen Li, University of South Carolina. 
  31. Quyuan Lin, Clemson University. [Speaker]
  32. Hailiang Liu, Iowa State University. [Speaker]
  33. Jian-Guo Liu, Duke University. [Speaker]
  34. Jingcheng Lu, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. [Poster]
  35. Kunhui Luan, University of South Carolina. 
  36. Mauro Maggioni, Johns Hopkins University. [Speaker]
  37. Anna Mazuccato, Pennsylvania State University. [Speaker]
  38. Lorenzo Micalizzi, North Carolina State University.
  39. Sebastien Motsch, Arizona State University. [Speaker]
  40. Ronghua Pan, Georgia Institute of Technology. [Speaker]
  41. Keith Promislow, Michigan State University. [Speaker]
  42. Ruiwen Shu, University of Georgia. [Speaker]
  43. Roman Shvydkoy, University of Illinois, Chicago. [Speaker]
  44. Henry Simmons, University of South Carolina. 
  45. Seungjae Son, Carnegie Mellon University. [Poster]
  46. Weiran Sun, Simon Fraser University. [Speaker]
  47. Yi Sun, University of South Carolina. 
  48. Eitan Tadmor, University of Maryland.
  49. Changhui Tan, University of South Carolina. [Organizer]
  50. Wei-Lun Tsai, University of South Carolina.
  51. Wendy Garcia Umbarita, Arizona State University.
  52. Li Wang, University of Minnesota. [Speaker]
  53. Zhu Wang, University of South Carolina. 
  54. Zhaoqing Xu, University of South Carolina. 
  55. Xukai Yan, Oklahoma State University. [Speaker]
  56. Cheng Yu, University of Florida.
  57. Yue Yu, Lehigh University. [Speaker]
  58. Qingtian Zhang, West Virginia University. [Speaker]
  59. Ming Zhong, Illinois Institute of Technology. [Organizer]
  60. Yuhua Zhu, University of California, San Diego. [Speaker]