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Application of natural neighbor interpolation method in three-dimensional geological model


Yan-jun Guo, Mao Pan, Fei Yan, Zhe Wang, Changhui Tan, and Tiao Lu

Journal of PLA University of Science and Technology (Natural Science Edition), Volume 26, No 1, pp. 185-206 (2016).


To enhance the accuracy of three-dimensional geological model, emphasize the high local relevance characteristics of the complex geological bodies, and avoid complicated calculation and dependence on human experience in traditional interpolation methods, the natural neighbor interpolation (NNI) method was used for three-dimensional discrete data interpolation in the process of modeling. But the existing NNI method could not be applied to the boundary interpolation of finite fields, which was the most difficult problem of its application in three-dimensional geological modeling. Based on the geometry of Voronoi Cells and Delaunay Triangles, the shape function was constructed using non-Sibsonian (Laplace) interpolation method. The continuity of the boundary in NNI method was proven, the boundary interpolation was implemented and the computational complexity was reduced. The accuracy and validity of the method were proven by building the city geological model.

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The paper is related to the undergraduate thesis: Numerical analysis and algorithm design in natural neighbor method.

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